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NMT conducts various training programs

Training and
Capacity Building

With the rapidly increasing ageing population, the need for affordable healthcare and demand for well-trained workforce of doctors, psychologists, social workers and caregivers also increases. Care-giving is a growing sector with enormous opportunities. Nuclear family systems, hectic job of balancing work and personal life and modernization has made caring for elders a challenging task. This opens up space for the youth, willing to dedicate their life and services to others, to opt for a career in geriatric care, especially those who wish to be trained and acquire special skills for handling people who have a long terms illnesses such as dementia. Such caregivers or social workers, once well-trained can find opportunities to work with eldercare institutions or provide home care.

Nightingales Medical Trust with its well-equipped training department has been providing quality training and education in the field of dementia and eldercare for years now. The training programs makes use of traditional training methods along with technical advancements to serve the right purpose and move along with changing times.

NMT Impact in Training

NMT's Impact in Training


Professional Caregivers trained


Persons Trained as Lifesavers


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Dementia Friends

Medical Trust's
Training & Capacity
Building Initiatives

Dementia Caregiver Training

1. Dementia Care Training

NMT Geriatric Care Training

2. Geriatric Care Training


3. Regional Resource &
Training Centre

Nightingales Lifesaving Services

4. Nightingales
Lifesaving Services

1. Dementia Care Training

Taking care of a person with Dementia can be complex as it requires skill, dedication and determination. In the coming years medical care services and family carers are likely to spend more time caring for people with dementia, many with complex needs. But with a better understanding and training in treatment and care, there is more scope to make real improvement in the quality of life for people who are affected.

Dementia Care Training

2. Geriatric Care Training

NMT’s course on basic geriatric care provides training in complete care of the elderly and equips the person to manage health issues, psychological issues and provides hands-on training in the age care facility run by the trust. The course has equal amount of theory and practical sessions. Another important aspect of the course includes training in management of people with chronic conditions and debilitating medical ailments. At the end of the course, candidates leave equipped to provide bed-side assistance to ailing aged and are also capable of generating employment opportunities for themselves through this mode of service.

Training for Caregivers

3. Regional Resource and Training Centre (RRTC)

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India has designated Nightingales Medical Trust to be the RRTC for Age Care for the southern states of India.
As an RRTC for age care, our mandate is monitoring, providing technical support, training and capacity building for effective delivery of age care services by NGOs funded by the Ministry. As a RRTC, we also conduct advocacy, sensitization and awareness programmes in the field of age care. We interface with concerned State Government departments, local bodies, schools and colleges, senior citizens forums etc, building linkages and networking to further the cause of age care.

NMT is the RRTC for Age Care in South India

4. Lifesaving Training

Specialty hospitals and medical advancements can be of no use if emergency services do not reach people on time. More than 6,60,000 deaths occur every year in India alone as a result of cardiac arrest. The survival rate is less than 1% as emergency medical services do not reach on time and this reason alone accounts for greater than 50% of cardio related deaths in India.
The risk of cardiac death in adults is estimated to be 1 per 1,000 adults of 35 years of age and above per year. About 75 to 80 percent of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen at home. Hence, being trained to perform CPR & First Aid can make a difference between life and death for a victim as the life you save is likely to be your loved one: a child, a spouse, a parent or a friend.

Nightingales Lifesaving Services

Please Note: The Dementia and Geriatric Care Training and the Nightingales Lifesaving Skills Training are conducted through the Nightingale Empowerment Foundation

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