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Member of our Sandhya Kirana a program for marginalised elders

Programs for
Marginalized Elders

The growth of the aged population, which is either dependent on the young or is unemployed or are working for food during the evening years of their life, is a challenge to the social security systems in India. Unlike in other countries, elders in India are left to fend for themselves. For daily wage earners or low income groups, meeting daily requirements itself is a challenge, let alone saving for their sunset years.

Lack or absence of financial independence creates a stressful life and invites problems including physical and mental health issues. Furthermore, if the children are struggling in a similar state of poverty, the senior citizen gets tagged as being an added burden on the family.

Loneliness is the other constant worry that accompanies elders with financial problems. Elders long for companionship with other like-minded individuals who can understand their situation and with whom they can confide in. The need for belongingness is significantly seen in these elders.

NMT has conceived and established several projects to assist these marginalized elderly who need assistance for daily sustenance and are left to fend for themselves.

NMT's Sandhya Kirana is a program to empower the elderly financially



Seniors depend on Sandhya Kiranas for their livelihood


Abandoned elderly persons picked up on the streets for rehab at our Destitute Home

Medical Trust's
Programs for
Marginalized Seniors

Elders at our centre are well treated and cared for.

1. Sandhya Kiranas -
Day Care Centres

Home for Elderly Women - Sandhya Suraksha

2. Sandhya Suraksaha - 
Home for Destitute Elderly Women

Person's with Dementia being engaged in activities at NCAA

3. Mobile Active Ageing Program at Old Age Homes

1. Sandhya Kirana

Sandhya Kirana is a noble initiative by Nightingales Medical Trust to rehabilitate elders who are economically challenged.
As a day care centre for the elderly from the lower socio economic strata, the primary focus is to help elders earn an income and live a life of dignity with access to adequate health care. The highlight of the centre is the strong emotional attachment that the elders develop amongst them.
Nightingales Sandhya Kirana currently has more than 50 members and on an average 40 elderly attend the day care centres on a daily basis. All services provided here are free of cost.

DemKonnect App being used by our member at NMT

2. Sandhya Suraksha

Sandhya Suraksha is a home providing safe shelter and taking care of Homeless Elderly Women irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Equipped with 70 beds, this senior-friendly home provides nutritious meals, medical care, palliative care, rehabilitation programs, skill development and training in activities such as kitchen gardening, paper bag and candle making, tailoring etc.

Elders at our Sandhya Suraksha centre engaged in activities

3. Mobile Active Ageing

Nightingales Medical Trust is committed to improving the quality of life elderly at Old Age Homes by conducting the Active Ageing Program for their residents through a Mobile Approach. 

Mobile Active Ageing Program of Nightingales Medical Trust

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