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Social networks and family ties are among the core pillars of support and source of engagement for older adults around the world. In India, the family is considered as a cherished institution which provides important non-formal social security for the older population. Earlier, most of the elderly in India lived with their family, which was the most preferred living arrangement for older people.
However, in the recent years, with hectic lifestyles and modernization, major changes have been brought about. The elderly no longer rely solely on the family for their well-being. They look for social gratification and connect which comes from networking with other people with whom they can share their opinions and experiences and build satisfying relationships.
With independence, comes responsibility. With more and more seniors opting to fend for themselves, their minds are troubled by questions on elderly health care and related schemes and services, but these questions often remain unanswered due to lack of verified information available on the internet, the new age media. There is a need for a common platform that can enable elders and their caregivers to ask their questions and get appropriate answers.

What we do: To bridge this gap, Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) launched India Elder Connect - a comprehensive website for the elderly in India.
This website provides a platform for elders to network, connect and stay active by relearning and asking questions, sharing their opinions and guiding each other, finding solutions to new concerns and eventually building interactive communities.
The website also looks at providing families and carers with resources to understand and meet senior citizens’ caregiving needs. A central hub for information on elder care services and best practices, the website makes it easier for these carers to reach out for help from trained professionals in times of need.

India Elder Connect - an Empowerment project of Nightingales Medical Trust

Services Offered

  1. Ask a question - a platform for elderly to ask questions which will be answered by experts in the concerned field.
  2. Schemes and concessions – information on various schemes and concessions available for elderly.
  3. Locating service – Listing of various eldercare service providers.
  4. Health Information – Common ailments affecting elderly are explained along with symptoms and the ways of preventing and/or managing them.
  5. Exercises and brain activities – for the physical and mental wellbeing of the elderly.
  6. News and events – Latest news and events relevant for the elderly.

Organizations working in the field of Age Care can also benefit through IndiaElderConnect:

Interacting with other organizations working in the field through questions and forums.

Obtaining Legal information with regards to Age Care Services.

Improving their services through reviews and rating by users.

Using training resources available on the site for their staff.

List the services and discounts offered by their organization for the benefit of elderly.

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