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As part of our commitment to make quality dementia care affordable and accessible, Nightingales Medical Trust established the ETCM - Nightingales Dementia Care Centre in 2014 at Kolar, which is 60 kms from Bangalore.

This is India’s first telemedicine-enabled Dementia Care facility and is located in the premises of the Ellen Thoburn Cowen Memorial (ETCM) Hospital. This 74-bed unit is set up on a two levels extending into an open garden and terrace. It has been designed to suit the needs of dementia patients such as therapeutic environment, space for walking and detailed activity schedule for all the patients.

The advantage that this facility enjoys is that it is located in a hospital premise and hence, all medical emergencies are handled immediately in the hospital. Further, to ensure the safety of the residents, the facility is monitored by CCTV systems. Additionally, the centre has specially trained caregivers and qualified nurses who monitor the residents and provide care and support to them.

The centre is based on the Hub-and-Spokes model. Here, the clinical team constantly monitors the centre using specially designed Teledementia Management Software from Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer’s – Kasturinagar, Bangalore. 

ETCM Nightingales Dementia Care Centre
In association with the Methodist Church in India

This is India's first Tele-Medicine enabled Residential Dementia Care Centre and is established in association with the Methodist Church in India

Services Offered

Memory Clinic

ETCM - Nightingales Dementia Care Centre has a qualified  Psychologist to assess your loved ones and check for memory related issues

Residential Care for persons with Parkinson's, Stroke, etc.

We also care for elders with medical conditions like stroke, Parkinson's etc. We also provide Palliative Care.

Services offered at ETCM NDCC

Short and Long Term Residential Care

We provide short and long term residential Dementia care in a safe and Dementia Friendly environment.

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The services at the ETCM - Nightingales Dementia Care Centre includes memory clinic, short term or respite care, in-patient admission for treatment of challenging behaviours, and long-term residential care. 

An initial assessment is done at the Nighingales Centre for Ageing & Alzheimer's in Bangalore to ascertain the diagnosis and the needs of the patient. Once the decide on the type of room, formalities for a short term admission are completed. All long term admissions have to be preceded by a short term admission. This allows us to assess the patient better and also allows the family to ensure that they are getting the best care possible before committing to long term admission.

4 sharing, 5 sharing and 10 sharing.

Admission can be processed after assessment by the Clinical Team.

Payment details (by cash or DD or bank transfer) of Refundable deposit, non refundable admission fees and bed charges for the period it is booked.

3 Photos of Applicant and 4 photos of Resident Agreement signing by the Applicant and Guarantor Applicant & Guarantor’s self-attested Photo Id

There is a daily schedule that is followed at the Centre. 

After breakfast all residents are encouraged to join in group exercises and cognitive stimulation activities which continue till afternoon. Following lunch most of them take a short nap before coming down for evening group activities. On certain days of the week we have specialized therapies as pottery, music and dance.

We admit patients in all stages of dementia. We also admit patients who have suffered a stroke, fracture, or are suffering from Parkinson’s. We also admit elderly persons with chronic mental illness. We can offer short term respite admissions for normal elders if they feel comfortable in this surrounding.

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