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There are thousands of homeless people in Bangalore out of which around 7500 are elderly women. Mostly abandoned due to old age, physical or mental ailments, they are forced to beg on the streets and live an undeserving life of humiliation and indignity.

Sandhya Suraksha is a joint project of Methodist Church of India BRC, and Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT). The purpose of the Centre is to provide safe shelter and take care of Homeless Elderly Women irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Equipped with 70 beds, this senior-friendly home provides nutritious meals, medical care, palliative care, rehabilitation programs, skill development and training in activities such as kitchen gardening, paper bag and candle making, tailoring etc.

While we would be glad to help most destitute, ageing and ailing, this particular facility is open only for elderly women who meet the following criteria:
1. Women above 60
2. All admissions to be routed through the local police although Elders Helpline 1090 can be contacted for initial assistance
3. Elderly women missing or accidentally separated from families can use the facility as a transit or short stay home until contact established with family

Sandhya Suraksha - A project of Nightingales Medical Trust
Methodist Church in India has joined hands with NMT to establish the Nightingales Sandhya Suraksha

The Nightingales Sandhya Sauraksha is a home for Homeless elderly women in Bangalore. It is established in association with the BRC of the Methodist Church in India

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There are many opportunities where you as an individual or a corporate team can touch the lives of the elders at this Centre.

Make a Difference in the lives of the Elders at Nightingales Sandhya Suraksha. As a not-for-profit organization, NMT depends on socially conscious persons like you to support the work done at Nightingales Sandhya Suraksha. 

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Your contributions can help feed the elderly and organize medical camps for the elders here. You can also donate newspapers and other needs.


Nightingales Sandhya Suraksha
Old number 46/8, New number 53, 10th Cross, 66th Divisi,
Anepalya, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560030 | +91 80 42426565

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