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No matter how advanced medical science is, it cannot stop something as natural as ageing. Ageing is invariably associated with disability and dependency due to various health related conditions. The concept of Active Ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life for all people as they age. Active Ageing allows people to realize their potential for physical, social, and mental well-being throughout the life course and to participate in societal activities and responsibilities.

WHAT WE DO: The Mobile Active Ageing program, based on the ThinkingFit research done in the UK is a comprehensive program where experts visit Old Age Homes to render this scientific program at the community level. The program improves physical, mental and social well-being through a protocol based scientific program, minimizes the risk of dementia, controls hypertension, diabetes, depression and prevents of falls.

The Mobile Active Ageing unit consists of a well-equipped vehicle accompanied by trained staff and all required tools and equipment to conduct the scheduled activities. 

We are currently visiting over 10 Old Age Homes in Bangalore to run this program for the residents there. The program is well accepted and has enhanced the quality of life of the residents of these Old Age Homes. 

The program is conducted Free of Cost at Old Age Homes

 NMT's Mobile Active Ageing Programme

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