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Nightingales Medical Trust’s DemKonnect app aims to remove the Stigma around the disease by educating as well as providing access to care and support from the comfort and familiarity of the person’s home.

One of the major issues surrounding Dementia is the lack of awareness around the condition. Research proves that catching the symptoms early and intervening with lifestyle modification can delay the repercussions. However, there is a lot of hesitation in consulting a Psychiatrist. This app enables the user to screen themselves in the privacy of a home. The app can enable detect the symptoms early and this can then be followed up with a consultation with a specialist.

The app also enables care providers to keep in touch with the Dementia expert they have consulted through video calls and quick chats.

Caregivers can connect with each other to create a strong caring community. This can be useful when it comes to lobbying with lawmakers for reforms and laws. It can also help in tackling crisis situations and comparing notes on products which can help enhance care.

An elder using the DemKonnect app

Getting DemKonnect

DemKonnect is a free app for your smartphone or tablet
and can be downloaded using the links below:

DemKonnect on the Google Play Store

Google Play Store for Android Devices

Apple App Store for DemKonnect

Apple Store for iPhones and iPads

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