Mobile Medicare

Having worked hard all their lives to contribute to their families and the society, the least that an elderly expects is a comfortable old age. It is often assumed that healthcare is accessible to most people in urban areas due to the high concentration of hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. However, in spite of all facilities, in times of need, an elderly person in an urban area may have to struggle a lot to get access to affordable medical attention.

The situation of the elderly from the lower socio-economic strata is far from comfortable. Due to lack of savings and the inability to work, many elders find themselves faced with a situation of deteriorating health and dependency. The increasing dependency creates a lot of friction within the family. Elders feel they are a burden on their family and youngsters caught up in their struggle to earn a living often end up neglecting the needs of their elders. For a daily wager in an urban slum, accompanying their elderly to the hospital translates to loss of wages for the day, escalated by cost of medical care.

Mobile Medicare is an effective solution to such issues faced by the elderly. Mobile Medicare service helps to make health care services affordable and accessible to elders.


NMT has started a Mobile Medicare service for the elderly in urban and semi urban slums. Twice a week, team comprising of a doctor, nurse and a social worker visits identified location and provides free medical attention to needy elders in the slums. Basic diagnostic test are done and medicines are given free of cost. Referral services are also done to nearby government hospitals for elders requiring surgery or specific treatment.

Services offered:

  • Free medicare facilities in urban and semi urban slums surrounding LR Nagar, Rajendra Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar
  • Basic diagnostic tests for common complaints like blood pressure, diabetes, pulse rate, etc.
  • Referral services to nearby government hospitals when required.