DemReCon 2019 - Dementia Research Symposium


As per the estimates made in the World Alzheimer’s Report 2015, over 4.1 million people are affected with dementia in India. In response, the last decade has seen the development of multiple initiatives that seek to improve awareness, diagnosis, and care for people with dementia and their family carers. These plans have also identified the need for research to generate new ways of addressing the human, economic, and social costs of dementia for current and future generations.

We at NMT see the need for research to be advanced in India and are organizing a national symposium with a focus on Dementia research. This will be on Saturday, 14th September in Bangalore, keeping in line with the Alzheimer's month events.

The aim of this event is to explore opportunities, and to inspire those interested in Dementia care to take up research, and for the creation of environment and network to evolve to a high quality research work in India.

Who Can Attend: Anyone interested in Dementia Research

Key Topics Covered:
  • Dementia Research in India: Past Work
  • The need to intensify dementia research in India
  • Current research trends: from epidemiology to care
  • Future opportunities for dementia research in India
  • Priorities in Dementia Research: perspective of Funding Organisations
  • Uniqueness in Dementia Research
  • Innovative Interventions and other Disciplines
  • Career in Dementia Research

We also invite applications for Poster Presentations at the Symposium. More details on the website.

The Symposium will be followed by a Workshop on Dementia Research. This will be held on Sunday, 15th September at the Nightingales Centre for Ageing and Alzheimer's.

Please log on to or call 9243737221 for more details and to register.