Corporate Partnerships

Nightingales Medical Trust has in the past 17 years partnered with several corporates to provide community based age care services to the elderly.

Corporates can choose to partner with Nightingales Medical Trust for the following reasons:

  • We are a well-established NGO working in the field of age care since 1998. Our programmes are well monitored and our stakeholders – the elderly directly benefiting from our services, are an integral part of our monitoring team – ensuring that our services meet their needs.
  • We are covered under the amendments made to Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 vide notification dated Feb 27th 2014.
  • All donations to Nightingales Medical Trust are eligible for 50% tax deduction under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  • We have FCRA registration and are eligible to receive foreign funds.

Corporates can come forward to partner with us by:

Event Volunteering and Sponsorships: Come forward to spend a day with the elders at our various projects . Events being done regularly at our various projects include:

1. Organising fun day with elders – conduct games, fun activities and special lunch to bring joy in their life.

2. Working with elders – participate in income generation activities for the elders at Nightingales Sandhya Kirana – teach new skills and make products along with them to help them earn an income.

3. Organising an outing for the elders to picnic spots, movies etc.

4. Teaching computer skills to elderly who are learning computers.

5. Conducting sessions for elders at our active Ageing centres.

6. Giving talks on your area of expertise for the elders at our Enrichment centres

7. Organizing and conducting health camps for elders , vocational skills training session for elders and other such events.

8. Sponsoring and participating in public events like rallies, awareness walks etc. to create awareness on issues such as elder abuse , rights of elders , awareness on dementia etc.

9. Providing opportunities to sensitize your employees aged 50+ on active ageing and employees aged 35+ on the age care issues and how to manage the needs of their ageing parents.

Adopt a Project: Come forward to adopt an entire project or part of the recurring costs of any of the projects run by us.

This could be done by:

1. Sponsoring the infrastructure costs of setting up a new project

2. Sponsoring the recurring costs for the direct services for the elderly in the project:– EX: Cost of meals, medicines, training for elderly etc.

3. Underwriting the operational costs of some of our projects – as this will help to strengthen the organizationand help us to serve better. Some of the organizational costs are IT infrastructure, marketing, staff training etc.