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We are a professionally managed Not-for-profit Organization working for the wellbeing of the elderly; we strive to strengthen family bonds and promote community-based support systems through various innovative and need based projects.



We conceive and establish projects that provide dementia care, promote active ageing, combat elder abuse, enable social integration, empower elders and engage in capacity building.



We aspire to enhance the quality of life of elders of all segments of the society including those in city slums and old age homes and to make quality Dementia care affordable and accessible.


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“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Seldom does life give chances to walk a path that leads to self-satisfaction derived out of helping others.

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DemReCon 2019 - Dementia Research Symposium

As per the estimates made in the World Alzheimer’s Report 2015, over 4.1 million people are affected with dementia in India. In response, the last decade has seen the development of multiple initiatives that seek to improve awareness, diagnosis, and care for people with dementia and their family carers. These plans have also identified the need for research to generate new ways of addressing the human, economic, and social costs of dementia for current and future generations.

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Job Fair For Senior Citizens 2019

According to reports, 8.6 per cent of India’s 121 crore population are Senior Citizens. Yet, unfortunately, 88% of the elderly are not covered under any social security scheme forcing them to depend on their meager savings and children for their sustenance. However, the encouraging truth is that many elders in the age group of 60-70 years are physically fit, re-employable and eager to earn their livelihood.

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Introduction to NMT

Shalini Bhogle

Shalini Bhogle

, Bangalore

Back then in 1998, we were new to Bangalore – Malleshwaram area and NEEC gave us an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Over the years, our bond strengthened and today, we are a family. Even at 83, I am actively involved in the activities of the Centre including Yoga. I feel a sense of belonging here. After interacting with the members, I get back home refreshed. I wish there were more such centres around the city so that senior citizens who are alone in the city are benefitted.